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Employee’s statements

”We develop solutions together with our customers while considering the prevailing requirements on the market – that’s how meurer machines are made.“

Jens Averbeck
Sales and Projects

„An effective training of young talent and the long-term development of expert staff is a matter of course for meurer as a strong regional employer.”

Thomas Lücke
Head of Technical Apprenticeship

„The slogan “We’ll wrap it up for you” means to us the clear connection to end-of-line-packaging machine engineering and also the focus on the daily enthusiasm and loyalty of all colleagues within the meurer team. “

Franz von Galen
Head of Human Resources

“Qualified, satisfied and committed employees are a key factor for the company’s success – because they are the most important resources!”

Andrea Ostholthoff
Human Resources

“Whether in the meurer technical centre or on site – employee training increases efficiency.“

Frank Hölmer
Head of Trainings

From Fuerstenau into the whole world

Meurer service technicians in action

They wear a kind of uniform – blue with red letters. They are qualified. They provide installation support and they maintain, and they do it all over the world. High-quality machines and precision tools are their domain. Home-base staff provides for coordination and supplies. But they do not belong to any international special unit of the army. Neither were they committed by the Bundestag. They are rather acting on behalf of the meurer company, the specialist for final packaging systems based in Fürstenau. That’s the company those experts work for.

One thing at a time, though: Since 1969 meurer has been producing final packaging machines, selling them in Germany, Europe and overseas. "The quantity of orders is especially rising in non-European countries", says Hartmut Kamper, the company’s service manager. This is easy to explain. According to him, those countries are on the path towards economic growth. Asian countries in particular are booming. But also countries from the Arabian region or from South America such as Brazil are increasingly ordering those machines “Made in Fürstenau”. The machines travel the world – together with their mechanics, called service technicians. Those experts install the high-tech machines, run them in and train the staff of the ordering companies. The service technicians also maintain the machines and repair them if necessary. Service is essential, service pays.

The meurer people are qualified industrial mechanics, electrical and electronics installers or mechatronics engineers. Further training at meurer prepares them for the job abroad. “In the beginning our technicians do not travel unaccompanied”, assures Hartmut Kamper. According to him, a service technician only takes over jobs if he feels up to it.  

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