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Safety first - What Meurer does for safety and health at work


The New Year at Meurer starts with good news:

“The goal of setting up and certifying a management system for safety and health at work was successfully implemented last year”, Hermann Brand, operations manager at the location Fürstenau, reports.

All employees actively contributed to this. Health and safety officers were appointed as well as occupational safety organizations including responsibilities were created. This system is designed to ensure process structure and improve security. However, emergency management including ownership  also had to be reorganized and hazardous substance management revised. So that visitors can move around the production halls without major restrictions or external workers can work safely in the presence of the company’s own employees, Meurer has established a so-called external company management.

The requirements for implementing these new management systems for occupational safety were also derived and implemented in 2019. Among other things, 16 new risk assessments and approx. 150 new operating instructions were created. Hot work management has also been introduced for internal and external employees. Fire hazards or burn injuries should thus be permanently prevented. It was also necessary for the assigned emergency management to create new escape and rescue plans. Signage and fire protection equipment were brought up to date and there was training for first aiders as well as for evacuation and fire protection helpers.

Furthermore, the power distribution stations were thermographically checked, an explosion protection document for Freren was drawn up and the storage and handling of hazardous substances were enhanced to the required level. Finally, regular documented safety inspections were carried out at both locations (10 inspections in 2019) and a successful evacuation exercise was carried out at the Freren plant.

Hermann Brand explains: “Overall, the permanently present topic of occupational safety leads to the desired change in safety culture at Meurer. This can also be measured in numbers. We currently have over 300 accident-free days in Freren and over 270 accident-free days in Fürstenau.”

The risk analysis of FM Global Risk confirmed the steady improvement at Meurer in this area, which had been achieved through many individual measures. Thanks to the targeted and planned activities with the support of many team members, one can speak of successful years with many improvements in occupational safety, summarizes Hermann Brand. Meurer wants to consolidate and continue this change so that the occupational safety of all employees can be guaranteed in the long term.