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Gripping apprenticeship at meurer


Here we go again: Nine technical apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeship at meurer. First reactions reveal: the exam stress is finally over. The new employees enter the world of work with satisfaction and relief. But it's not too late to take a look back. How do the former apprentices feel about their apprenticeship at meurer?

One thing becomes clear: during their apprenticeship no one was in grief. There are various answers to the question of how they came across meurer. "I didn't know meurer until the employment agency suggested that I should apply there", Maurice Holthaus, mechatronics engineer, says. "I came to Meurer through my cousins and relatives who already work here. They are very satisfied and recommended to apply here", explains Dimitri Appel, cutting machine operator. The others became aware of Meurer trough an internship or via the website. However, they have one thing in common: everyone was able to grow in their dream job at meurer.

During their apprenticeship, the nine young men experienced a lot. Above all, they enjoyed the time spent on machine assembly. This time taught them a lot, even about themselves. "I have discovered that I'm keen on traveling", Phil Hesselbrock, industrial mechanic, explains. To experience something new has been fun und they are very happy about the experiences which they have collected at meurer. "I think you learn a lot for your life. Something like punctuality or methodical work you do not learn in school. You can only learn this through practical relevance", Jens Schlump, industrial mechanic, states. In any case, all of them would do the apprenticeship at meurer again. A lot of commendation is directly addressed to the apprenticeship managers, Thomas Lücke and Darius Burczyc. "Thomas taught us a lot, he does a great job", Maurice says. Leon Sodtalbers, mechatronics engineer, adds: "He just knows a lot." Jens relates: "I got on very well with Darius, I have had no problems during my education. He has always been very competent and nice."

But it's not exclusively about the apprenticeship managers! "You are encouraged and challenged here. People support us as trainees", says Dimitri. "We also had a lot of time to prepare for the exams," adds Marius Lange, industrial mechanic. "The days are very varied. You work here independently from the start. I think it's good that we should try out by ourselves first. If you don't get it right, you can still ask," explains Lars Gerweler, electronics engineer for automation technology.

After all, they also have a few hints for the new apprentices starting this summer. "Start filling the report books early enough," says Lars with a laugh. "You should never avoid a chance to learn something new. Above all, the internship abroad is very interesting and you will learn a lot”, explains Maurice. “Always stay tuned and don't give up. It's worth it”, Daniel Pepler, cutting machine operator, adds.  “It is important to go through all departments and be part of the assembly. You can’t judge before you tried it out”, explains Nick Gerber, industrial mechanic.

Where will the future lead the nine young men to? While Jens starts his technical college in summer and wants to study mechanical engineering afterwards, the others have a different goal: They want to work and earn money. Meurer supports them in this goal and made an offer to all apprentices. The three industrial mechanics, Marius Lange, Phil Hesselbrock and Nick Gerber, will be trained as service technicians to become the future experts at the customer site. Leon Sodtalbers and Maurice Holthaus, trained mechatronics engineers, are now working in commissioning in Fürstenau - this is where the machines are brought to life. The trained machining technicians, Daniel Pepler and Dimitri Appel, work in parts production at the Freren site. Jens Schlump, who was trained as an industrial mechanic, and Lars Gerweler, trained electronics technician, actively support the assembly in Fürstenau.

But not only can the apprentices be proud. Technician Marie Berling also completed her electronics internship with us. In cooperation with the Niedersachsen Technikum, the young woman was able to find out more about her passion for technology. During her six-months internship at meurer, Marie got to know the various areas related to assembly, control cabinet construction and electrical engineering. In addition to her work at meurer, she attended lectures at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences on Mondays, visited other companies, took part in workshops and listened to lectures on digitization and Industry 4.0. After an introduction period, in which a supervisor has always been in the immediate vicinity, she ultimately always worked independently and was able to practically deepen her knowledge in a one-month project. The result is a board with which you can practice programming. Her next goal is to study nanotechnology. She sums up: “I am very happy to finally know what I want to do. When I came to Meurer, I wasn't sure if the subject is right for me. Now I'm glad I took this step. I recommend every girl to at least dip a toe into a technical job for once. It doesn't have to be a six-month internship. But do not feel deterred by the fact that professions in this area are still dominated by men. For me, I am very happy with my choice."

Meurer congratulates the nine apprentices on passing their exams and Marie Berling on completing her internship. We also wish you all continued success in the future!