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Paperboard packaging


Paperboard multipacks address several aspects of consumer-oriented packaging. Not only the renewable packaging  is advantageous compared to conventional shrink-film but also the printable surface supports the storytelling process of value adding products. Consistent communication campaigns get a new carrier to enable a sustainable branding process. The meurer paperboard packaging system delivers multipacks ready for optimal shelf display – flexible, ergonomic, compact and reliable. Below, we present our CSP, our new multipack solution for paperboard/ cardboard/ carton.

CM/CSP Carton Sleeve Packer

We have engineered the CSP to enhance latest developments in the dairy industry in liquid cartons or PET:

  • on-the-go consumption,
  • healthy products with nutritional benefits,
  • increasing demand for cultured products with cereals and/ or pieces of fruit.


Beyond those products the CSP creates multipacks for a wide range of products, always by using renewable and fully recyclable paperboard material. This machine has been developed by meurer to answer to the increasing number of customer requests for an environmentally friendly packaging solution. It is an alternative to shrink-wrap film and enhances meurers portfolio for multipacks.


Your Advantages                                                                                                                              

  • Reliability: Hygienic and robust stainless-steel design for easy cleaning and reliable production for many years
  • Flexibility: Simple and quick changeovers for a wide range of pack formats of 1- to 3-row bundles, optional automatic adjustments are available
  • Performance: High-speed operation with up to 160 bundles/minute and a large blank magazine
  • Footprint: Compact footprint machine to fit to customers layout
  • Enhancements: Flexible design with various modular infeed and discharge options